Dodací doba se díky nadcházející Vánoční sezoně prodlužuje. Opravdu již expedujeme postupně. Na e-shopu je uvedena dostupnost každého produktu. Většina zboží je s dodáním do 14.12.2021. Nějaká Utukutu jsou ale k dodání až na leden 2022. Kontrolujte si tedy prosím dostupnost. Děkujeme za pochopení a podporu.

About us

Our eshop contains basic technical specification and descriptions of individual products. The only thing we cannot totally transfer is the joy and enthusiasm of the children :)

In a small carpentry workshop on the outskirts of Prague we have been making Utukutu products since 2014. Colourful wooden toys, which help to develop children’s mobility and imagination. And the kids love them.

Why our products?

  • Our products are tested in an accredited toy testing institute
  • Our toys are made of wood from sustainably managed forests
  • The packaging of our products is fully recyclable
  • For painting we use only high quality, certified and environmentally friendly oils, paints and varnishes, which comply with the EN 71 norm
  • We use adhesives purchased from renowned European manufacturers, which are also certified for the youngest kids.
  • We cooperate with experts on healthy exercise of children – recreologists, physiotherapists, athletes.

Utukutu has really changed our lives. It was created thanks to our children and according to their needs. We love our products and their manufacturing. And we enjoy spending time with kids, who  approach Utukutu with their open minds and imagination.

Awards and where they wrote about us: The Right Toy, The Self-Employed Person of the Year 2017, Forbes (January 2018), Woudie's boards play in the performance of the Mimino Theater Minor. 





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