Learning tower KidHelper with KidSafe

We've improved KidHelper with a textile add-on that extends use for even smaller children.

We've improved KidHelper with a textile add-on that extends use for even smaller children. 

We call it KidSafe. 

It’s made of solid textile and you can easily put it on the top rod placing the pockets inside the KidHelper and fasten it with Velcro at the bottom of the upper stair. 

This will create safe space for your child. While using KidHelper with KidSafe we are putting the child in KidHelper from above. 

The moment your child becomes more confident in their stability, you can either peel off thKidSafe add-on and glue it back when the child crawls in by themselves or remove it completely. 

By that time, your child knows their KidHelper as the back of their own hand and knows where to step. From a developmental point of view they should also only fall to the side when they forget themselvesAnd in that direction the KidHelper's sidewalls protect them. 

There are 3 small pockers in the KidSafe which must be always placed facing inside the KidHelper so that your child does not lean over the sidewalls. 

Kids can put mini wooden spoons or other kitchen utensils in their pockets perhaps from their small kitchen. 

But they're also happy having some spoons and a piece of cloth. 


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Maintenance: Wash KidSafe as usual at 40 degrees. Do not dry in the dryer. 

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