We are changing into Utukutu

After we’ve been pondering it for almost a year a change is upon us. A big change. Houpací prkno is changing into UTUKUTU. Why is that?

A few years ago we made a decision to start a life long project. And we brought a bend plank into the Czech Republic and Europe at that time. We chose a plain name - Houpací prkno. One thing led to another and we started producing other toys as well. Toys that inspire kids to explore, move, train, and open their minds and imagination. So we were no longer “just” Houpací prkno.



On September 1st, 2016, we let out a message asking you for help. You sent us many ideas and tips how to change our brand. And many messages saying “Don’t do it, just stay Houpací prkno”. We weren’t too keen on a change for quite some time, but finally we realized it is no longer possible to keep the original name. Especially when communicating with people abroad. Another reason was that other producers started using the name rockerboard and we wanted to make sure have a unique brand. Our “Houpací prkno” will always be our beloved toy, a product that has taught us a lot. It brought our team together.

We didn’t use any of the suggested ideas. We realized it’s not that easy. You must like the name but you also want it to resonate with your brand’s philosophy. You have to go through a thorough search of the use of the word in Czech and other languages as well. You have to make sure the domain is free. And not just one. You have to search other communication channels like Facebook and Instagram for instance.


At the end we decided to hire the Lovebrand guys. And it helped a lot.

They helped us to realize what we really want. What it means to work for Houpací prkno. We realized what is it we can do, how we can make you, our customers, profit from our work. And after a few meetings and long HOURS of work we found the right new name UTUKUTU.

We developed a palindrome - a word that reads the same backwards and forwards. It’s a word that contains playfulness, movement and childlike imagination. We love it. But finding the right name wasn’t the end of our voyage. The next step was to meet with the people from Remembership to work on the visual part of the name.


And so in April, 2017, we are starting a new era of our lives.

Almost three years ago, we decided to make our dream come true and we started working on something very meaningful to us. It made our kids stronger and helped them develop in every way. It helped us to understand sometimes we can just sit down and watch them. It helped us to start focusing on ourselves as well, we started learning new things again. We started communicating with new people, we learned what it means to produce toys and tools for children. We started as Houpací prkno. And now we are UTUKUTU.

 -- Its’ been a year since we realized we need a new name and seven months since we told you about it. A long time of pretty intense work --

 We are going to be changing all that needs to be changed in the upcoming days. So when you receive a “swinging” package with the UTUKUTU stamp, don’t be surprised but smile. We have made a big step, jump, shift :) To change the website and other channels will take some time. We’re trying to make it as smooth as we can. We believe it won’t change the way you feel about us. Or maybe you’re just going to be a little merrier when saying the word Utukutu, just like we are :)


From the team of Houpací prkno -> Utukutu


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