Hanging decoration MUNARI with an all-glass ball

Munari is the first hanging decoration that we offer to babies, it harmonizes and naturally attracts the baby's attention, while at the same time it gently stimulates and develops its psychomotor development.

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In Montessori pedagogy, MUNARI is a basic and popular hanging decoration that has its own history and meaning. It is black and white and its shapes are created based on mathematical laws and geometric order. Black and white corresponds to the developmental stage of a newborn, who is only able to perceive contrasts. It has been proven that two- to three-day-old newborns are able to concentrate on black-and-white shapes and objects for 5 minutes. These observation skills of the baby gradually deepen over time, so that the babies observe the decorations for a longer period of time.

This decoration is made by hand from high quality materials. Hang the decoration above the place where the baby spends its free time between sleeps, under the supervision of an adult. Decorations support the child's activity, so they are not intended for putting to sleep and it is not suitable to hang them above the crib where the child sleeps. An adult should not interfere with the baby's observation activity. We place the decoration at a distance of 30 cm. This is the distance the baby can focus, and also the distance from the mother's face when breastfeeding. With advancing age, the distance increases just as the child's vision improves. We place the decoration ideally in the space above the tummy, so that it is comfortable for the child to watch.

Hanging decorations are ONLY observational objects and are never intended for direct, physical contact with the child. Before placing the baby under the decoration, always check its technical condition, especially the strength of the attachment. Do not use the decoration if the strength is broken.

age: 0-2 months

dimensions: width 60 cm, height 38 cm, hanging string 2 m, rod lengths 36 cm, 30 cm, 18 cm

material: colored cardboard, silk thread, painted beech stick, glass ball, cotton string

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