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The activity cube, busy cube is a great companion not only for travelling. It captivates the child, who gradually explores the individual components and thus learns about the workings of the world and discovers fine motor skills, logic and concentration. It will support the development of their independence and self-confidence.

990 Kč
Kategorie: Activity board

The Montessori activity busy cube contains 9 interactive components that fit precisely into the little hands of a child.


What do children gain by exploring the activity cube?

Strengthen their awareness that the world is interesting and worth exploring

In proportion to their stage of development, they will gain space for quiet exploration

They will find it easier to embark on a path of independence

They become comfortable with themselves and their purpose, which naturally captures their attention

They learn to consciously control their vision and follow their goal

Gain a desire to explore further and learn additional skills


Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm.


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